Expertise médicale

Le Laboratoire Swissclinical nait de la collaboration avec des dermatologues spécialisés en médecine esthétique, afin de vous offrir des soins anti-âge ultra-performants fondés sur une expertise scientifique solide.

Dr. Patricia

Specialist in aesthetic dermatology from the Federation of Swiss Doctors and member of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Doctor Patricia Delarive offers her patients daily non-invasive treatments to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

After having been in charge of his own practice, as well as of the aesthetic dermatology center of the La Prairie clinic, Doctor Patricia Delarive founded the first group of clinics exclusively dedicated to aesthetic medicine in Switzerland. Today, she actively collaborates with our Formulation Laboratory in the evaluation, selection and inclusion of active ingredients with proven performance in a clinical setting .

The Swissclinical Laboratory masters the performance of technological active ingredients that I also use in aesthetic medicine, such as Hyaluronic Acid, AHAs or Vitamin C, and incorporates them into quality treatments, 100% made in Switzerland. »

Through her innovative spirit, Doctor Delarive is a true pioneer in aesthetic dermatology and shares with
the Swissclinical Laboratory three essential convictions.


In aesthetic medicine, diagnosis is very close to mathematics. Doctor Delarive establishes it as a Cartesian reflection, combining precision and rigour.

The techniques she offers to her patients have been specifically selected by herself because of their scientifically proven performance .


In aesthetic medicine, understanding and respecting the needs of the patient is paramount. Constantly listening to his patients, Dr. Delarive acts to restore their confidence in themselves and in their appearance.

She also chooses to favor innovative and non-invasive methods , in order to best respect the physiognomy of each patient as well as their skin physiology.


In 2007, the desire to develop a care center corresponding to his professional and human values ​​led Doctor Delarive to open the first group of Swiss clinics exclusively dedicated to aesthetic medicine, today the leader in Switzerland .

With medical dermatology, we return to normal. In aesthetic medicine, we bring a plus. »